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- Leeds Metropolitan University深受學生歡迎,人數高達41,000名。
- 國際學生佔3,500名,分別來自超過120個國家,國際氣息濃厚。
- 多元化活動及大規模的學校設施,與小型院校無法相比。
- Leeds Metropolitan University擁有優質的宿舍,獨立宿舍的質素在利茲更是數一數二。
- 大部分宿位為無餐單人房間,學生可共用廚房及浴室設施。大學亦有提供連浴室的套房。
- 各校園均設有資料豐富的圖書館,學生在此檢閱書籍、期刊、網上資源、或利用電腦系統、視聽器材及服務、媒體編寫系統等。館內設有多間小型閱覽室,方便學生小組研習。


Leeds Metropolitan University - Student Profile - 2008


Name:               Lau Man Lai (Mani)

Age:                 22

Course:             Pre-sessional English Course


Why did you choose to study in the UK?

Because I want to widen my horizons and meet friends from different countries. The most important is to improve my English level.


Why did you choose to study at Leeds Metropolitan University?

I know this university is an international institution, it provides many services to help students and the staff are nice. Also the hospitality department has a very high reputation and ranking in the UK.


How did you find out about Leeds Metropolitan University?

I found it through my school in Hong Kong.


What are your first impressions of Leeds/Campus?

Leeds is an energetic city that provides a lot of entertainment for students and tourists. Students can shop, visit galleries or go clubbing at night. You won’t feel bored here.


What are you most looking forward to at Leeds Metropolitan University?

I expect to gain my bachelor degree and continue to study my Master degree here. And I hope I can develop my career in the UK.


What are your goals for the future?

I would like work in the hotel industry in the UK. My dream job is to be a Public Relations Manager in a hotel as I understand I will face many challenges in the job and meet many customers from all over the world.


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