It has been a great experience to have EducationUK as my oversea education agent for 2 years. They have helped me apply for INTO City Foundation course, and follow up my application to City University London as well. Since I had no idea which university suits me, it was very helpful of them to provide information about different universities and their recommendation. Not only did they share their own experience of studying in the UK with me, most importantly they also helped me with my visa and its complicated procedures efficiently and properly. Overall, EducationUK has provided professional service and left me no worries throughout the application process.


LEE Kwan Yee, Undergraduate Year 1, City University London, 2015

The staff of Education UK are very helpful and professional.  Especially Ms. Pang, she was very patient in guiding me throughout the whole visa application procedures.  She has provided a very professional and efficient service to me.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Pang for her help again.  Also, will definitely use their service again in the future.


Ms. Patricia Tse, 2015

Education UK is our first contact point whenever we need help on UK education. They always gives quick responses and valuable advises. I believe that you will find them helpful and professional if they become your education consultant


MOK Ho Nam, Undergraduate Year 1, Bellerbys College, 2013


Mr. Freeman Wong, the consultant from Education UK (Hong Kong), was really helpful. He gave me a big help when everything went in a hurry. Thank you very much for his help.


Andy PUN sheung Ming, BA Hons Architecture (2nd year), University of Brighton, 2011


Ms Janet from Education UK (formerly known as IUACC) was extremely helpful and made applying to study in the UK a lot easier. The whole process can be somewhat daunting, and her guidance made a huge difference.


 Tristyn, BSc Hons Architectural Studies, University of Strathclyde, Graduated 2010


Education UK was very helpful. They guided me throughout the university and visa application process and made sure I did everything correctly and followed all the correct procedures. They were also great in explaining things clearly and very patient. I would recommend them.


Alex Tee, BSc Hons Architectural Studies, University of Strathclyde, Graduated 2010


I really appreciate the time and effort from Education UK to help me through my University and visa application process before I came to UK. They have also provided me much useful information before and upon my arrival. Great experiences with them!


Flora Chee, BSc Hons Architectural Studies, University of Strathclyde, Graduated 2010


Education Uk is helpful and friendly. They helped alot preparing first timers that study abroad like me.


Boris Lee, BSc Hons Architectural Studies, University of Strathclyde, Graduated 2010


The staffs from Education UK are friendly and helpful. Without the helps and reminder throught out the university and visa application process, I won’t be a graduate student from UK. I would recommend them if you are a careless and forgetful student like me!


Nicholas Teng, BSc Hons Architectural Studies, University of Strathclyde, Graduated 2010


"The staff members are very helpful. Last year, while I decided to choose Bristol, the staff at Education UK e-mailed me with detailed information on application for accommodation as well as answering my enquiries. I also found the exhibition last summer very informative - I got tips from current students on how to get used to university life."


A student from the University of Bristol 
BSc Joint Honours Economics and Mathematics


After being given the results in HKAL Exam results in Year 13, many candidates including me were frustrated for the disappointing results and the studying problem in the university. However, after joining the INTO Foundation (Newcastle) invited by Education UK, with the active help of the tutors and staff of INTO and Education UK, I easily got offers of Economics, Finance and even Actuarial degrees. The efforts by both organisations are significant and cannot be ignored.

Newcastle University is the best choice from all the INTO schools. Firstly, Newcastle is a large city in Northeast England. The climate here is very comfortable. After getting up off the bed in Leazes Parade and looking at the window, a blue sky with white clouds, grasslands and St. James Park are all under my sight. Secondly, the city centre of Newcastle is well designed for students, and is just near the Newcastle University. Plenty of shops are found along the streets in the city centre, and also the large Eldon Square. They makes buying food and household equipment after school much more easy. When you go towards the Millennium Bridge, you can find many bars alongside the river. Moreover, although the drinking culture in Newcastle bars is very popular, and there are many drunk people in the bar areas, I have not seen any abusive behaviour from them. The worst case is only happily laughing and screaming, what you need to do is to anwer loudly and you must not be in trouble. Compatively, Newcastle is a safer city than many other big cities.

The teaching attitude by the tutors in INTO Newcastle is excellent. The vast majority of them answer every quetsion you ask, and are patient and able to bear students' fault. Personal tutor is a helper for the performance of the students in both academic and mental area. He is responsible for meeting you twice a year, but only if you ask for, he can deliver help in individual development and studying via telephone, e-mails and talking face-by-face. Hong Kong students (esp.the HKAL candidates from Year 13 graduates) normally get excellent results in INTO, esp. in the streams in Business and Engineering.  Therefore, you do not need to worry for the British Education.

INTO has given many students opportunities in studying in the univerisities in the U.K., esp. when you hope to apply for the Top 20 Universities in the U.K. Newcastle has an attractive scenary, fresh air, and many resort places like grassland and beach. Also, there are many supermarkets like Waitrose, Wilkinson, Sainsbury and Morrison, which are very convenient for students. Also,  there are many places nearby for travelling tours like Tynemouth, Metro Centre, Burberry Factory and Durham. As a result, not many people studying here want to go home, instead many of us enjoy the lives of Geordie from the start of the course till the end.

The HKAL exam gives students much pressure and disappointment, which I used to feel. However, if a chance is given to you to apply for famous universities in the U.K. like Durham, York, Bristol, Nottingham, Southampton and Edinburgh, why not give it a try? In addition, most of the Bachelor with Master Degree need only 4 years of finish. Therefore even if you use one more year in Foundation, you can still graduate with other Hong Kong Master students at the same time.


Sunny Fung, student - Newcastle University, Foundation programme 2008


"(Education UK is) …very professional, efficient and care about us. I do not hesitate to recommend Education UK to my friends if they are interested in sending their children to continue study in UK."


A parent


This is the University of Salford in Manchester. Those pictures taken are around the University. I applied my application through Education UK, Subang. I had been gone through application whit Janet last year July to September, 2009. Janet helped me a lot through the application, she managed well for all the things, included, letter from the University, both Unconditional and conditional letter, Visa application at KL, and air ticket.
I wish all the upcoming students who would like to apply to study in University of Salford successfully with the help of Janet, Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC).


Tang Chai Shyong
BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying, 
University of Salford


Surrey was my first choice because not only is it a reputable university but also strategically located in the historic county town, Guildford not far from London and other places. It’s also in one of Britain’s safest and most affluent area. Surrey itself is a very beautiful area with plenty of woodlands and it is very peaceful creating a perfect environment to study and have fun. The lecturers here are educated from very reputable universities. The university is also constantly ranked top for student employment after graduation. Everyone here is very friendly it almost seems like you’re a part of a family. You might not know the person now but the next minute they would be approaching you making you feel welcomed. I have made some awesome friends that have been planning events and trips and have enabled me to have the best time of my life.
Surrey has given me the experience of a lifetime. It’s something money can’t buy but you can only get with experiencing it personally. I would take my knowledge learnt in Surrey to the working environment. I have met so many representatives of well-established companies in the University that would probably be my future employer. I’ve got established myself a network of contacts all because Surrey has good contacts with their potential employers. I’m hoping to go on a placement year this year and if I do get it, it would give me a leading step in my career upon graduation.


Henry Tan Han Lim
Bsc (Hons) Business Management, 
University of Surrey


I wanted to come to UK to pursue my degree in Risk Management but I went to Western Michigan University (USA) instead. After almost 10 years working in one of the biggest insurance company in Malaysia, I decided to study again. Million thanks to Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC), especially Sally that makes the application process etc. much easier. Thank you for all the advice and help. And last year I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University (MSc Risk Management). Having my husband and children here in Scotland is more meaningful yet so challenging and demanding compared to being a single student 14 years ago. Now I'm staying in the UK under 'Fresh Talent Working in Scotland Scheme' to experience working in the UK for another 2 years. I am so glad that my family love being here as much as I do.


Siti Arifah Mohd Salleh
MSc Risk Management, 
Glasgow Caledonian University


I met one of Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) student advisors at the UK Education fair in November 2006 who advised me to fill out form for a PhD application in University of Surrey. About few weeks later, Ms. Sally Yap rang me up me to tell the good news. I got an unconditional offer!!
Since then, me and Ms. Sally always kept in touch, bugging her with common 'how-is-it-studying-abroad' questions until the day my family and I flew to London. And now, it has been 2 months here in Guildford, I love it here, the supervisors are great and most importantly, the experience has been wonderful so far for me and my family.
On that note, I would like to thank Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) especially Ms. Sally Yap for her assistance and advice. I really appreciate it.


Azizul Yadi Yaakop
Research Student, 
Faculty of Management and Law,
University of Surrey,
United Kingdom


Many thanks to Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) because your advice and information helping me so much to make my dreams come true. It was so wonderful moment in my life when I got the opportunity to father my study at UK. As a fresh graduate, my lecturer suggested Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) as the best counsellor to help and give an advice regarding the best university that can match with my interest and qualification. It was true, Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) counsellor especially "sally" is very helpful. She gave me a lot of information starting from applying the university until the process of applying visa. Moreover, with a lot of information regarding the UK culture, overview of the university and etc given by Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC), I can managed successfully my 1st day when I reached at university without any doubt. Thank you Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC)...


Zarith Delaila Bt Abd Aziz
Msc Retail Management,
University of Surrey


Many thanks to Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) they have done so much in helping me to pursue my degree here. They’re very informative about living & studying in the UK. They helped me from the first day I entered the office, till the day I flew to the UK!


Khairil Imran Razali
BA (Hons) Industrial Design (Birmingham Institute of Art and Design – Uni. Of Central England,2003/05) - student


Having to earn my First Class B.Eng(Hons) degree in 2003 would not have been possible without the assistance of Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC). They have managed to organise all the necessary arrangements and enrol me into the course which I have wanted, in my case even in the last 4 weeks before the academic week begun.
They have made easy everything from the enrolment details, accommodation, and flight itinerary, even my transfer from the airport to my university. They acted more as a friend than a consultant and go the extra mile just to ensure you are well taken care to start your journey for your academic excellence.


C.H.Kong(IEng AMRAeS)
B.Eng(Hons)-Aircraft Engineering, Kingston University (2002/03)- Licensed Aircraft Maintenance
 Engineer, Malaysia Airlines


To study in the UK has brought loads of valuable experiences for me. It's not just only about getting in the university, it’s about learning to survive abroad and obviously will make you stronger in anyway.
Thank God that I am with the Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC), especially Sally. I would like to thank her for her helpful hand as she has helped me out loads from applying the appropriate university to providing the advice that I need. Thank you Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC)! You have direct me the way to my dream and success!!!


Stella Chew Pui San
BA (Hons) Advertising, 
University Central of Lancashire


It was extremely a memorable journey to UK to further my tertiary education at LeedsMet. I used to be a diploma student, majoring in Accounting & Finance at FTMS and Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) is there to assist me to top-up to the final year degree programme. Really thanks lots for the kind assistance as I still remember how complicated and troublesome was my case and Sherlyne never give up to “fight” for me.
Upon graduation, I am now attached to one of the Big 4, i.e. Deloitte and my job scope is dealing with tax matters, which fully utilised what I learnt in LeedsMet. Besides having a full-time job, I also pursue part-time ACCA where I enjoy quite good exemptions by holding a degree from LeedsMet. In short, I never regret for this expedition throughout my life!


Tan Kam Soon
B.A. (Hons) Accounting & Finance,
Leeds Metropolitan University


I have completed my diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management with Sunway College and would like to further my studies in the UK. I was recommended by counsellors to approach Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC) for further counselling.
I had no regrets approaching them as they were very sincere. They recommended me to apply for a scholarship as I had good results. They were very helpful in attaining my 2000 pounds scholarship with Leeds Metropolitan University. Thank you Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC)!!!


Gary Lee
BA(Hons) Managing International Hospitality, 
Leeds Metropolitan University


What made me to go to Leeds Metropolitan University in UK? Thank you Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC)!
I think it is beyond the fact that they provide professional services and facilities such as a counselling centre whereby the environment is equipped with some of the best resources. I have no reservation in recommending any person interested in pursuing their studies abroad to Education UK Malaysia (formerly known as IUACC).


Eswaran Pramasamy
B.Eng (Hons) Electronic & Engineering, 
Leeds Metropolitan University 2003/04 (LMU)